The Fresh brand is a genuine and honest skincare offer that stands out from its competition by focusing on the consumer and their experience.

The relentless focus on the five design pillars from Alchemy / The Kitchen Table (Hospitality)/ Artisanal Bakery / Library and Fresh Ingredients continues to refine Fresh as a homely brand.

Creating an intimate experience for each customer is key. Working closely with the brand, zebra applies intricate and delicate detailing to the development of each and every store / travel retail space, to help create a warm and inviting environment, reflecting the perfection that goes into making the products.

The images selected are of our Fresh concession space in the Apothecary of Harrods, Knightsbridge, London. In the background we are continuing to bring the essence of the Brand to the forefront of future store designs and developments - a key focus that we feel makes the brand unique.

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