Pig in the Garden

Pig in the Garden is a modern create-your-own-salad bar concept, designed and delivered by zebra. Offering a range of healthy options including a variety of proteins, grilled pork belly, chicken breast, shrimp and salmon. Pig in the Garden’s vision has been to encourage and promote salads as a main meal within Korean culture.

The design is based on an urban farm concept, bringing elements of the outdoors into the space using an environmentally friendly palette of materials. A range of plants hanging from low and high level structures imitate a typical green house, which reflects the healthy food offer of salads and green leaves.

The brand has brought a holistic and sustainable approach to their restaurants by promoting the efforts of local food producers and encouraging a healthy lifestyle by sponsoring Yoga sessions in local parks.

The success of this first store has led to the opening of a second location in Gangnam, Korea. Featured are a range of images from both projects.