supersports central world

Supersports Central World Thailand was a collaboration project between Central Group and zebra Projects. The brief from Central Group to zebra was to create a dynamic, innovative and exciting new store format for the local market. The design is urban in its material pallet with pops of dichroic color and futuristic lines. The design creates a space of harmony which is easy on the eye removing visual clutter through its clever use of a controlled pallet and regulated graphics.

The sales floor incorporates the new multi category retail layout of Gender – Category – Brand and broken down further into the Run, Train & Live. The footwear has been located at the rear of the store to pull the customers through to this extensive destination department.

Included within the store is an Energy center, essentially a larger teched out demo area where brands can launch new products or event organizers can host workshops and exhibitions. Further tech was integrated at the Tech Bar, Personalization zone, Fitting rooms, Golf simulator and general sales floor.

In addition, flexibility of service has been accommodated through a click and collect service allowing customers to purchase at their convenience.

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